Mingyang Electric: Winner of Multiple Honors

Published Date:2022-06-02


  Cuiheng New District recently held the 2022 Enterprise Commendation Conference in recognition of enterprises excelled in economic development contribution and social responsibility fulfillment since 2021. President of Mingyang Electric Guo Xianqing attended the event and spoke as a representative of advanced enterprises contributing to the economic “acceleration”. The conference also introduced the economic and social development of Cuiheng New District in 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, followed by the awarding of medals to enterprises by municipal leaders.

  Mingyang Electric received three awards in total—“Delirious Start” Award for Economic Contribution in the First Quarter of 2022, Advanced Enterprise Award for Contributing to Economic “Acceleration”, and Advanced Enterprise Award for Fulfilling Social Responsibility in 2021.

  In the eventful year of 2021, Mingyang Electric, with its quick response and high initiative, mobilized all available resources to effectively shield off the adverse impact of the external environment and maintained its strategic focus. Excellent results were submitted to the government of the New District, as the company exceeded its annual targets, attained steady growth in overall operation, and hit a new record in business performance.

  At the conference, the leaders of the Zhongshan Municipal Government and Cuiheng New District sent a message to the enterprises in the District: “Those responsible, ambitious and promising enterprises in the New District, by remaining anchored in the area, will be able to seize development opportunities from the construction of the District and the Greater Bay Area, which will lead to more ‘single champions’ and leading enterprises and enable them to step onto bigger development stages.” As a local enterprise rooted in Zhongshan, Mingyang Electric will focus on the national goal of emission peak and carbon neutrality to explore the application scenarios and implementation paths of new power systems mainly based on new energy. By promoting technological innovation and model innovation to upgrade from “circle and group building” to “scenario application”, a high-quality and sustainable industrial ecosystem of Mingyang Group is expected to be built. With the mentality that the company and the city are closely connected, Mingyang Electric will make every effort to shoulder its responsibility as a large enterprise to assist Zhongshan in the building of a provincial reform and innovation experimental zone, and make its due contribution to the high-quality development of the New District and Zhongshan.