Mingyang Electric marches into overseas market and appears in 2017 the 42nd MEE Middle East Electricity Exhibition

Published Date:2017-03-07


Thanks to the development opportunity brought by national The Belt and Road, Mingyang Electric seizes the opportunity and marches into overseas market. It went all the way to Dubai ofthe United Arab Emirates and joined the 42ndInternational Power, Lightening and New Energy Exhibition in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates(Middle East Electricity Exhibition for short, i.e. MEE) with more than 1500 well-known international companies from over 130 countries all over the world from 14February to 16February.

Mingyang Electric presents up-to-date technical achievements ceremoniously such as innovative intelligent med-voltageswitchgear, vegetable oil transformer and special dry transformer for offshore wind powerin the exhibition, which lead industrial development and attracts wide attention from traders. 

Mingyang Electric focues mainly on Southeast Asia and Middle East markets along elevant countries of The Belt and Road. Currently, equipment from Ming yang Electric have been operated stably in relevant projects in countries including U.S., Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bengal and Iraq.