Mingyang Electric wins the bidding about China Mobile centralized procurement project of LV packaged switchgear

Published Date:2017-03-07


The bidding result of China Mobile centralized procurement (2017 to 2018) of LV packaged switchgearwas released on February 18, 2017 and Mingyang Electric won the bidding, accounting for 12.5% centralized procurement portion of China Mobile LV packaged switchgear (2017 to 2018).
Founded in the end of 2015, communication data center industry line has achieved successivebreakthrough under the guidance of Mingyang Electric Group leaders and won China Mobile centralized procurement projects twice successively. In 2016, orders and output value of mobile communication industry accounts for more than 20% total order output of Mingyang Electric. It is the third time for Mingyang Electric wins China Mobile Centralized Procurement Project over the past two years.
In the 2017 marketing management meeting which has just concluded, Hu Lianhong, Vice general manager of Mingyang Electric, and Wang Ming, assistant of general manager, planned the development of communication data center industry line for the next three years clearly to figure out market demand and develop into industrial model.