The iron core production line of Ruizhi Electric Technology Co. Ltd. (Ruizhi Electric) successfully finished its first iron core

Published Date:2016-12-20


The iron core production line of Ruizhi Electric Technology Co. Ltd. (Ruizhi Electric)  successfully finished its first iron core assembly at the end of November. This is the first iron core assembly produced with the iron manufacturing equipment newly introduced by Ruizhi Electric. Passing a variety of inspection and testing at one time, this assembly meets factory standards. In addition, it features in obvious advantages in appearance and performance comparing with its peers. 

The equipment manufacturing of the iron core production line is finally determined by general manager Guo Xianqing after several rounds of investigation and communications with the manufacturers. In equipment installation process, we overcame the complex topographic and geological problems of foundation settlement and water seepage, and completed the installation and commissioning at the end of October. Ruizhi Electric formed a team to made repeated discussions about technical proposal and production proposal prior to trial production, and then decided to use the domestically most advanced 7-level longitudinal jointing method for the trial production. This method makes the overlapping bite of the iron core firmer, and 45° inclined joint minimizes the no-load loss of the iron core.


The new iron core production line has realized the complete processing production of iron core from silicon roll to finished sheet. With the successful offline of the first set of iron core assembly, Ruizhi Electric has finally got rid of the situation that iron core production completely relying on outsourced processing. This assembly not only secures product delivery ability of Ruizhi Electric, but also ensured the overall performance of the products, and thus enhances the market competitive advantage of Ruizhi Electric.