Perfect ending of 2016EPChina

Published Date:2016-12-20


EP China 2016 – the 16th International Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and Technology, lasting for three days from November 2 to 4, was successfully completed in Beijing. Ming Yang Electric Group competed with 850 companies from 25 countries and regions on the same stage, and its latest technological achievements launched at the exhibition, such as ultra-compact intelligent medium pressure cabinet, simple and integrated high voltage inverter, air bus duct for wind power, and switched reluctance motor are all industrial initiatives, and attracted much attention and interest of industrial experts. 


At the exhibition, Ming Yang electric products attracted the attention of global buyers. A VIP delegation formed by the many experts in energy, electric power, communications and rail transit visited Ming Yang electric booth. The customers from Australia, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, Bangladesh and other countries gave a high evaluation to Ming Yang’s transformers, high voltage inverters and other products.

 New product: Affirmed by power expert delegation

On November 3, many friends gathered at the new product release gallery of 8A pavilion, and jointly witnessed the release of the release of ultra-compact intelligent medium pressure cabinet, originated by Ming Yang Electric Group. The small, intelligent and visual advantages of the cabinet are affirmed by the professional expert delegation from North China Electric Power Design Institute. They expressed that the product is innovative, and they look forward to its play in smart distribution grid. 


The size of conventional medium pressure cabinet KYN-28A (width ×Depth × height) is 1000×1500×2200mm. No matter where to place it, its huge volume always takes a large space. By sticking to scientific and technological innovation, Ming Yang Electric Group independently developed a new type side-mounted compact intelligent medium pressure cabinet, its size (width ×Depth × height) is 500×1100×2200mm, comparing to conventional ones, its volume is only 45% of KYN28. 


In addition to small volume, the cabinet also features by outstanding intelligent and visual advantages. By the application of new sensing detection technology, the cabinet has self-detection, self-diagnosis and self-control functions, its use, and operation and maintenance can be achieved on cloud platform. It is a truly combination of miniaturization and intelligence. Comparing to conventional products, the cabinet also feature by platform detection, large data sharing and real-time online detection, and convenient operation and maintenance as well as high reliability. 


As another star of at the exhibition, simple and integrated high voltage inverter of Ming Yang Electric Group is brief but not simple. With a high level of protection, the inverter integrates chamber, inverter body, ventilation and heating facilities, lighting and fire facilities. It can be directly used outdoors, saving about 40% of land use space. Traditional inverters need a construction period of about 40 days, while, Ming Yang’s simple integrated inverter only needs about 7 days, saving about 75% of construction period. In addition, the product features by one-stop transport, warehousing and on-site installation, the integrated design makes on-site construction convenient and safe.


Ming Yang Electric Group also exhibited air bus duct for wind power covering a whole system design from 1.5 MW to 3.0 MW, and switched reluctance motor featured by high performance, low cost and high reliability. 


 New technology: Leading industrial development 

As a leading enterprise in R & D, production and service in domestic power electronics industry, Ming Yang Electric not only exhibited a series of competitive products, but also actively participated in industry technology exchanges.


At the exhibition, Ming Yang Electric, combining with national electricity reform, ceremoniously made a technological sharing in three leading industries, including Ming Yang Smart Energy Overall Solutions, the Course and Development of National Electric Power Sales Pioneer, Guangdong Electric Power Trade Market, and Analysis and Discussion of Smart Distribution Network and Application of New Intelligent Switchboard. 


According to the introduction of Ming Yang Electric, “Ming Yang Smart Energy Overall Solutions” is an overall solution of Ming Yang Electric based on the study on energy supply demands of its terminal power users and the users in power generation industry. It utilizes big data + energy Internet through smart distribution system, intelligent energy operation and service system, power demand side services, smart power sales and energy efficiency management. Ranging from power supply to the power grid/distribution grid, and to life-cycle intelligent management and application of user’s energy, the whole chains of the solution will provide the customers with the most economical overall solution system in energy services.


At the exhibition, the Course and Development of National Electric Power Sales Pioneer, Guangdong Electric Power Trade Market presented by Ming Yang Electric hit the current hot topic of electric reform, and attracted many exhibitors to actively participate in the exchanges and communications.