Vegetable oil transformer

Published Date:2016-12-15


Vegetable oil transformer uses the vegetable oil as the insulation and heat eliminating medium for the whole product. The mineral insulating oil used in the traditional transformer is the non-renewable energy resource, which couldn't meet the requirement of high fireproof performance during the actual operation, and even could cause pollution to the air environment. Compared with traditional mineral insulating oil, the vegetable insulating oil is a kind of reproducible liquid insulation medium with high ignition temperature and environmental protection. The ignition temperature could be higher than 360℃, and the natural degradation rate could reach over 90%. Vegetable oil transformer owns good electrical performance, which could effectively prevent the insulation aging and increase the overload capacity of transformer. It has small floor space, and improves the fire safety. Then the transformer performance and power grid reliability further improve. Besides, vegetable oil transformer owns good anti-moisture performance, dielectric properties and the compatibility with solid material of internal transformer as well as the characteristic between vegetable oil. In certain occasions, it owns wider application outlook in distribution network for the vegetable oil to replace the mineral oil. For example, the vegetable oil could be applied in the water resource protection areas, strict environmental protection control area, etc.