Special dry transformer of offshore wind power

Published Date:2016-12-15


Special dry transformer of offshore wind power is applied in the offshore wind power generation unit and is installed in the container of cabin tower tube. The product could boost the 0.69kV generated by wind generating set to 35kV, so it's the ideal support equipment of power generation systems.

Transformer coil is molded with the epoxy resin by vacuum pouring with short circuit, good heat stability and high electric strength, so the product is very safe and reliable.

Metal structures on transformer are designed according to the C5-M anti-corrosion grade, and the anti-corrosion coating reaches 380um, which could meet the seaborne operation requirement.

Transformer cools through the heat exchanger (the cooling medium could be water or air) with the following features such as strong overload capacity, low partial discharge level, high operation efficiency, etc.