Epoxy resin dry-type transformer of 35kV and below

Published Date:2016-12-15


Epoxy resin dry-type transformer takes the epoxy resin as simulation materials, the low-voltage winding is wound by copper foil, the high-voltage coil is the "trapezoid" section type, and the coil is poured in vacuum and is solidified, which forms high-strength glass steel structure. The product with insulation and heat-resisting level F and H owns the features of fire retardant, security, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and small volume, which could directly operate in load center. Compared with the oil-immersed transformer, the epoxy resin insulation dry-type transformer has good electrical performance, strong anti-short circuit ability, strong performance for lightning impulse resistance, strong overload ability, moisture protection and corrosion prevention, low noise, safe and reliable operation, free maintenance and other many advantages. So it's widely applied in the urban high-rise buildings, power station and other sites to replace the oil-immersed transformer.