NXAIRS-12 medium voltage switchgear

Published Date:2016-12-15


NXAirS-12 series are the medium voltage switchgear that the Siemens company authorizes Mingyang Electric to manufacture. NXAirS type switchgear conforms to the newest standard with remarkable advantages, namely, the simple and convenient operation. Its rich operating experience in the global provides the users with the largest safety assurance. NXAirS type medium voltage switchgear reaches the internal arcing pen level of IAC A FLR, and the operational continuity loses LSC 2B with clapboard level of PM. The above condition lets the medium voltage switchgear adapt to various installation methods, which safeguards the personal safety of operator to an extreme. NXAirS type medium voltage switchgear is the switching device which is installed in indoors, and it conforms to the GB3906 and DL404 (insulation), IEC62 271-200/VDE 0671-200 (IEC60 298 and VDE 0670-6 in the front) and other standard requirements with the type testing.